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Covid 19 Collections

Covid 19 Collection Process

Nasal (Anterior Nasal) Specimen

  • Nasal sampling is less invasive and results in less patient discomfort than sampling from other upper respiratory anatomical sites.
  • A self-administered nasal swab is similar to a nasopharyngeal swab in detecting coronavirus.
  • Collection of nasal swab specimens is less technically complex, so can reduce the risk of the spread of infection to healthcare providers, by (1) reducing the duration of the procedure, and (2) allowing the patient to perform self-collection while under supervision.
  • It also lessens PPE utilization, given that the patient can perform self-collection under supervision (versus the health care provider performing the collection).
  • The procedure for nasal (anterior nasal) sampling is as follows: Using a flocked or spun polyester swab insert the swab at least 1 cm (0.5 inch) inside the nostril (naris) and firmly sample the nasal membrane by rotating the swab and leaving in place for 10 to 15 seconds. Sample both nostrils with the same swab.
  • LabtechMD is partnered with Virant Diagnostics LLC to conduct the Covid-19 test. Samples will be delivered to the lab the same day the test was administered and results will be delivered 24-48 hours. Please see the link for the testing website

Collection and Lab Fees


With insurance:
$150 / person, $100 for each additional test within same visit

Without insurance:
$225 / person, $175 for each additional test within same visit


With insurance:
Starts at $25/ test

Without insurance:
Contact for additional info

5 Step Participant Process

  • 1

    Participant signs up on

  • 2

    Arrive at the testing site at the scheduled appointment time

  • 3

    Provide ID and insurance

  • 4

    Take Nasal Swab PCR test

  • 5

    Receive notification of results via email 24-48 hours of testing